Ep #8: Building Your Voiceover Business Toolkit

Ep #8: Building Your Voiceover Business Toolkit

Hello VO episode 8 building your voiceover business toolkit

Welcome! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I know this year looked a little different for everyone, but I hope you feel rested and ready to learn more about the voiceover industry.

When we start to build something, we need tools. It’s the same thing in voiceover. When we’re starting and growing a voiceover business, we need to start building a voiceover business toolkit. 

It’s important to note that not all tools are a one size fits all or have to happen at a particular time in anyone’s journey, but there are some essential tools we’re going over in today’s episode that will provide you with a foundation for building your voiceover business toolkit. 

Here are the tools we’ll talk about today:

  1. Tech + equipment
  2. DAW
  3. Places to audition
  4. Demos
  5. Online presence

Time Stamps:

1:48 – Why you need to build a voiceover business toolkit. 

2:08 – Tool #1: Getting cozy with your tech + equipment.

2:39 – Tool #2: Choosing a DAW.

3:16 – Tool #3: Finding places to audition for free and for pay. 

3:50 – Tool #4: Demos and the different options you have for getting your first one.

6:58 – Tool #5: Establish an online presence via LinkedIn or a website.

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