Simon Says… Starting with Why & What You Miss Out On When You Don’t

There are hundreds of thousands of articles out there walking people through the basic “whats” and “hows” of online business. 

But these articles are designed to excite readers so they’ll keep reading. I’m not saying the articles are necessarily false or misleading, I’m saying it’s easy to get wrapped up in the read, read, read mentality because you’re already primed to search for a way out of your current work situation. 

I get it. I’ve been there. And not too long ago, in fact. 

But if you decide to take the entrepreneurial jump and don’t end up starting with why you could miss out on a lot more than you bargained for personally or professionally. 



Very few people or companies can clearly articulate WHY they do WHAT they do. By WHY I mean your purpose, cause or belief – WHY does your company exist? WHY do you get out of bed every morning? And WHY should anyone care?   – Simon Sinek


What Is Your Why?

Simon Sinek talks about the golden circle – starting with why in the center, then how in the middle, and finally what on the outside.

simon sinek's golden circle the science behind why productive with a purpose
Source: Productive with Purpose

Everyone knows their “what”, or should. Very few know their “why”.

What is my why? Why do I care?

We act from the outside in, but those who are inspired – no matter how small their business may be – start in the center with the why vs those who are “uninspired”.

I make X product. X product will help you with X. Buy X product. (Where is the why here?)

Reverse your why – people don’t buy what you do but why you do it

I think the same is true in life. Go with me for a second…

If you have your why then your what directly follows and is more complete – inside out. However, if you do your what and aren’t guided by a grounded why… then what you do doesn’t really matter.

The circle, the cycle, is incomplete. 

You can have a why without a what because anything after is doing. But what without a why is playing it safe, not smart. 

I have seen this concept play itself out in the lives of friends and family – this idea is made to be so complicated when it’s really not.

Some Backstory

A year ago, I was driving for Lyft… kind of full-time. I’d reached a point at work where I was done with the office and senseless meetings that more often than not never happened. 

So I left to pursue podcast production full-time. While doing that I decided to also offer voiceover services. I had no training and no direction so I thought Lyft would fill some time and help my husband and I make some extra cash for groceries and our basic needs while I learned a few things. 

We. Were. Broke.

But we were confident that the path I was on would get us to where we needed to go financially – and put me in the place I always wanted to be. 

I quit my job BECAUSE I knew I was meant to do other work.

I drove for Lyft BECAUSE I wanted to make some money to support our family while I pursued my dreams. 

Do you see what we’re talking about here? There has to be a BECAUSE in everything we do and pursue.

Because… Guess what? If you solely exist and work in the WHAT by the HOW… you’ll run yourself ragged and not have much to show for it.

Working towards a goal is one of the most beautiful journeys we can take ourselves on. Even better if we have someone to share it with, but working towards something for the sake of the thing (without a why) is just working hard toward a reward that isn’t real or satisfying. 

Word of Caution 

If what you are working toward is substantially interfering with your personal life and priorities, you need to stop and reassess. Define your why with others in your life who are directly affected by your behavior and your work. 

Accountability is key. If you don’t have a partner or spouse, seek out a friend or colleague to come alongside you. 


If it’s time to assess your why, here are some questions to ask yourself for the process of starting with why

  1. What behaviors have I noticed that are affecting my personal or professional wellbeing?
  2. Have my behaviors affected anyone in my immediate circle? How? 
  3. Do I need to bring in a trusted family member or friend to talk out my why?


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Repressing the Need to Share Everything on Social Media

Oh, boy. Social media.

It’s everywhere and we’re all using it, yet we can’t seem to figure out the best way to utilize it – especially for our businesses. 

What is personal or private? What is acceptable to share publicly? 

I think there is a huge grey area with social media, but one trend that’s GOT TO GO is the desire to complain and whine. 


NOTE: I’m breaking one of my rules by recording this episode on my phone and not in my studio. I’m learning I won’t have as much time to produce this podcast if I don’t record on my phone when I’m thinking of things! So, that will probably be the norm from here on out. 


 Nothing will make you feel better except for doing the work. – Jordan Ferney



A fellow voice actor and friend of mine shared about a post that was published on Twitter this week. I want to dive into it without sharing the person’s identity or the post itself because the reason for even talking about this today has nothing to do with him or the post but the gentle reminder that not everything needs to or should be shared online. 

I’m sure this guy’s post came from a place of genuine fear – fear of being inadequate, or not enough. But the reality is, we all struggle with this at times. What separates individuals who post like this guy and other people not posting their complaints is the ability to recognize one’s place. Like my friend said, “…have the humility to know that you aren’t the best in your field and that you’re blessed to have what you have.”



Because when we stop and take stock of what we have, it directly informs what we can do. If you feel like this guy often, take a moment ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What am I currently doing that is working/not working?
  2. Do I need more training? 
  3. Does this moment have power over my entire career or am I just venting?

And guess what, these questions apply whether you have 35,000 followers online or not. 



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Am I not what you’re looking for? Here’s a helpful guide for finding quality voice talent. 

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Why Should I Have a Podcast?

Why Should I Have a Podcast (When There Are 800,000+ Out There)?


It’s a good and reasonable question businesses face in 2020. Another way to put it would be:

Why would my business spend time and money getting a podcast off the ground when there is so much competition already? 

I don’t know what the answer is for you specifically, but I do have one answer to throw into the conversation. 

You should have a podcast when there are 800,000+ out there because at the end of the day everyone else’s show have little to nothing to do with your show. 

What did she just say?!

Hear me out…

Yes, there are lots of podcasts floating around online, even some which make six-figure incomes on the regular, but I want to remind you that you don’t have to make plans to reach every single person who listens to podcasts just like you don’t do business with every single person who does business elsewhere.

There is only one audience that should truly matter to you.

Your network. 

Your network wants to get to know you and they want to be able to have the option to hear what you are up to in a medium that almost half of the US population utilizes for media consumption.  


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