Speak! A Podcast About the Podcasting & Voiceover Industries

A podcast about the podcasting and voiceover industries?! Sign me up!


I used to host a show where I’d interview people about different emotions, their perceptions of those emotions, and talk about how we all approach emotion in a myriad of ways. Yes, it was pretty deep, which is exactly the kind of show I would spend hours on end editing – and I did, which is why that show no longer exists!

I digress…

Since my career has taken me further into the world of audio production, I wanted a space where I could talk about what excites and interests me within the realm of what I do. 

Speak! is a podcast about the podcasting and voiceover industries. I’ll talk about what’s going on within these two fields as well as all the other tech and relevant news you should know about (or that I care about and will share with you, rather. It’s my show, remember?). 

The future of communications and business is voice and sound, and I’m going to talk about what people are saying about it from multiple perspectives -because we need to know what the whole enchilada tastes like, right? 



I have a list of articles, authors, and other information I’d like to cover in the show, but if you come across anything in the podasting and voiceover industries that you’d like to hear about feel free to share your idea here

If you want to know more about the show, check it out on Spotify, Apple, or Google Play