I EDIT, PRODUCE, & MANAGE your podcast so you don’t have to. 

As a busy business owner, the last thing you want to think of is getting your podcast out every week. 

That’s why I’m here! Think of me as your podcast fairy. But don’t take it from me…

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Hailey, BrainSpace Optimized

I love working with Melanie! I hired her as the producer for my podcast in Feb of 2019 and I can’t be more pleased with her work. She’s part producer, part sound engineer, which is great because she get’s the whole picture. She’s also excellent at giving me (as a non-technical person) exactly what I need to know to get the production and sound quality I’m going for without over complicating things. She’s been a great creative counterpart and helps me think through what I need my podcast to do for my business. I highly recommend her to all my colleagues who need audio production help.


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Heath, The RV Entrepreneur Podcast

Melanie came on board our team to help with podcast editing and she was extremely professional, responsive and an absolute pleasure to work with. If you’re looking to hire someone to work with in any capacity, can’t recommend Melanie enough. 



All you have to do: Drop your audio files in Google Drive. Seriously, it’s that simple.


If you decide this service is for you, reach out to me and we can discuss everything you need to know before we get started.





What’s included in the Full-Service Production service?


⇒ Editing: I take your raw audio and make it clean and pretty. That includes taking out as many pops, clicks, breaths, and other odd noises that tend to pop up. 


⇒ Mixing: If you have a jingle or song you’d like to put in, simply drop that file in Drive and I’ll mix it into your show. 


⇒ Publication: I’ll take the finished episode and upload it to your hosting site as well as your website. 


⇒ Show note creation: I’ll take out the key points of your show and include any links mentioned in the episode. 


⇒ Transcription: I’ll transcribe your show so it’s accessible for all audiences. 


⇒ Communication: With the full-service package, I will be available to you anytime Monday through Friday with a promised 48-hour response time. You also have the option for a conference call up to 60-minutes once a month.