Welcome to the Hello VO Podcast

Welcome to the Hello VO Podcast

The time has finally come, the Hello VO Podcast will be launching in November 2020. Check out the trailer! 👇

How to know if Hello VO is a worthwhile use of your time

Are you…

  • Interested in becoming a voice actor?
  • Already work in the industry, but feel stuck?
  • Looking to brush up on your VO business and marketing skills?

Then Hello VO is the podcast for you. Why? Because…

In the vast and ever-changing voiceover industry, opportunities abound for both beginners and professionals alike – especially in this modern age.

But success… takes effort.

Where do you start? How do you get paid to be a voice actor?

Hey there, I’m Melanie Scroggins – voice actor and audio producer and the Hello VO Podcast is a bi-weekly show that delves into the everyday, nitty-gritty work that goes into being a successful voice actor and actively working in the industry.

As a podcast producer turned voice actor, my goal is to share a fresh, modern-day approach to voiceover based on lessons learned in my own career as well as from others actively working in the field.

This podcast covers everything from getting started, to best practices when marketing yourself and your business. Plus all of the fears and obstacles you may face with tips for overcoming them.

Whether you’re looking to become a voice actor, already work in the industry, or just want to know more about the voiceover landscape and where it’s going, this podcast is for you.

Want to know more about who I am and my VO journey? Go here