How to Know You’re Ready to Launch a Podcast

How to Know You’re Ready to Launch a Podcast

Podcasts are all the rage these days. So why not launch a podcast?

Throughout the online spaces you hang out in, I’m sure you’ve come across a myriad of podcast genres ranging from self-help to entrepreneurship, from relationship advice to scary stories and beyond.

Whatever genre you can dream up, there’s most likely a podcast dedicated to that genre.

Podcasting is reshaping the way we approach and consume media, which, in turn, has provided an amazing opportunity for businesses to connect on a more intimate level with the members of their network.

However, I have found that business owners often feel overwhelmed when thinking about how to launch a podcast.

Where do I go?

What do I need to begin?

Because it’s the number one marketing tactic for businesses today, utilizing this growing medium is essential to a more robust marketing strategy.

It’s easy to feel like your podcast will simply get lost in the mix and there’s no reason to try. So, I’ve taken some time to outline how to know you’re ready to launch a podcast and I’ve also included a starter kit I made that will take you step-by-step through some of the more specific and technical aspects of podcasting that keep business owners from getting their big idea off the ground.


Ok, so how do you know you’re ready to start a podcast?

1. You’ve attempted to launch a podcast before.

It seems odd, right? If you’ve already attempted to start a podcast, you’re obviously ready! Well, not always, but this proved true with one of my clients.

This particular client spent a long time outlining everything she wanted in her show as well as a list of people she was interested in talking to, but after she’d done all that work she realized she simply didn’t have the time to start a podcast by herself.

So, when she and I first connected, I made it very clear that everything she already planned to do with her future podcast was an attainable reality – she just needed to outsource the job.

But because she had really thought out her idea and was able to express her vision to me (she’d already tried to give it a go once before!), I knew she was ready to begin the process of getting a podcast off the ground.


2. You have an established business that is continuously growing.

When your business is growing at an upward trend, you know you’ve got a good thing going.

Podcasting is one of the most popular mediums by which we consume content nowadays, and as of the end of 2019, 51% of Americans 12+ have ever listened to a podcast, with 32% having listened in the past month, and 22% in the past week.

So, if you have a business that is constantly seeing traction, sharing your ideas or a particular message, utilizing a podcast will only help you grow your audience and boost your authority.


3. You’re looking for a unique but effective way to connect with your audience.

Much like TV, podcasts provide an opportunity for a more intimate experience between the creator and the listener. I appreciate what actor Cillian Murphy has to say about his job and his unique opportunity as an actor on TV (24:24).

“It’s very personal – people can consume it however they choose: in blocks, in seasons, in episodes. And you’re beamed into their living room, so I feel like they have some sort of kinship or ownership – that is stronger than a two-hour performance in a film, which eventually goes out of circulation… whereas television, people will discover it and re-watch it and keep re-watching it and it develops a life of its own which is unpredictable.”

Podcasts can provide a similar experience for listeners – once subscribed to a show, new episodes pop up each week/month and the listener can make the decision to consume particular episodes or every episode.

The podcast listening experience is extremely customizable. If you have an email list and/or active on social media but are looking to expand your marketing repertoire, podcasting would be a natural next step.

A podcast serves both your current and future audience. It allows you the opportunity to share who you are, what you do, and why that matters along with interviews and other relevant information about your industry with other people who care.



Want to learn how to podcast or train someone on your team?

Last year, I was fortunate to come alongside Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook and Hailey Thomas of Brainspace Optimized and create a course dedicated to teaching virtual assistants on how to do all things podcasting.

In Podcast Assist, you or your team members will learn how to master the skills and strategies needed to launch, manage, and grow podcasts for small businesses.

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You ready to do this thing yourself? Here’s the Podcast Starter Kit ? Because you should have a podcast and I’m into making things easier on you. 

Questions? Reach out to me