Ep #12: Knowing What You’re Meant to Do in Your Career with Tom Aglio

Ep #12: Knowing What You’re Meant to Do in Your Career with Tom Aglio

Hello VO Podcast with Tom Aglio

In the very early days of my voiceover career, I landed the role of the villain in a YouTube web series called Project Infinity. Tom Aglio is a Voice Actor in New York who landed the role of the lead, and we’ve known each other now for over three years working together on Project Infinity. 

Before I really knew anything about voiceover or running a voiceover business, I relied on Tom for information. Tom was not only willing to help me out but I give him and Andy Field credit for really helping me jumpstart my voiceover career. 

Tom has had a lot of voiceover success so I’m excited to have him on the show today to talk about how he got started and what he loves about voiceover. 

 Check out a couple of Tom’s recent #TomTips on LinkedIn:

Note from Tom: Check out my commercials for AT&T in various podcasts/internet streaming radio channels, I have two national Valentine’s Day commercials airing this week, so check those out too!

Time Stamps:

1:18 – Beginning of conversation with Tom.

2:55 – How he knew he wanted to pursue VO long term.

8:45 – Why VO is such a supportive and inclusive industry.

11:07 – What inspired Tom to start coaching.

14:30 – Tom’s ‘funny’ career in voiceover. 

15:50 – Rejection and keeping the enthusiasm alive.

17:28 – Tom’s Tips on LinkedIn.

18:34 – Avoiding burnout and taking care of yourself as a business owner. 

19:33 – You don’t have to ask for vacation days when you’re your own boss.

20:11 – Tom’s favorite VO gigs/roles.

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