Podcast Management



So, your podcast is underway but you’ve had a change in production staff.


This service is designed to help you transition from your current/past producer to me. 

If you lost your producer, I’m just the lady for the job!





What’s included in the Podcast Management package? 

[Full Service Production – LAUNCH = Podcast Management]


⇒ Editing: I take your raw audio and make it clean and pretty. That includes taking out as many pops, clicks, breaths, and other odd noises that tend to pop up. 


⇒ Mixing: If you have a jingle or song you’d like to put in, simply drop that file in Drive and I’ll mix it into your show. 


⇒ Publication: I’ll take the finished episode and upload it to your hosting site as well as your website. 


⇒ Show note creation: I’ll take out the key points of your show and include any links mentioned in the episode. 


⇒ Transcription: I’ll transcribe your show so it’s accessible for all audiences. 



* MISC: Anything else your prior producer would handle, I’ll take care of. However, this does not include unlimited emails, phone calls, or meetings with me. For more details about my full-service package, click here