Hello VO – Coming Fall 2020!

Hello VO Podcast - Melanie Scroggins

Creator Speak

About: Ever wonder what goes on in the mind of a creative? Behind every creator is their particular flavor of creative genius. In The Creator Speak Podcast, my goal is to showcase the stories and sounds that are cooped up in my head, and those of a particular few, and express them in audio form. I once heard that dance is the way music looks – I believe the marriage of voice and sound work in the same way: to illuminate the deeper truth and reality of any given story. 

Creator Speak Podcast

Becoming Internet Famous

About: Becoming Internet Famous is a podcast centered around our journey of bringing the Podcast Production School brand from an idea to a 7-figure business. Join us – Gina Horkey, Hailey Thomas & Melanie Scroggins – as we take you through the entire process beginning after the creation of our course, Podcast Production School, launching this podcast to share our progress, and providing a case study for our students while we’re at it! It might take us a bit of time, but we’re confident we can get there. And we figured it’d be one heckuva fun journey for you to tag along on! We’re excited… are you?

Becoming Internet Famous Podcast