Here are some examples of my past work. I love what I do and can’t believe I get to share it all with you!

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Project: Home Grown Docuseries, State of Hockey (Episodes 2 & 3)

Role: Narrator

Market: Documentary


Project: Texas Parks & Wildlife TV – The Black Skimmer

Role: Narrator

Market: TV



Project: Real Estate Commercial, Orchard

Role: Narrator

Market: Commercial


Project: RPG, Grand Guilds by Drix Studios

Role: Duchess Martha

Market: Video Games


Project: Commercial, Interactive Advisors

Role: Narrator

Market: National TV

Project: Promotion for a tabletop game, Strange Space Games (Strange Space Games was able to fund their game by 230% in 10 days)

Role: Narrator

Market: Game Promo


Project: LGA Promo for Delta’s Sky Way building expansion

Role: Narrator

Market: Promo 


Project: Local political discussion animation, Know the System

Role: Female character

Market: Political Education Video