Ep #1: Who am I? Why the Hello VO Podcast?

Ep #1: Who am I? Why the Hello VO Podcast?

Hello VO Podcast Episode 1 - who the heck am I? why the Hello VO Podcast?

Three years ago, I was on the coast of Oregon living in an RV with my husband. Three years later at the end of 2020, I have a successful full-time, fully remote voiceover business. 

How the heck did I get here? But more importantly, who the heck am I and why do I get to speak into this space on the topic of the voiceover industry?

Hey, there! I’m Melanie Scroggins – Podcast Producer turned Voice Actor and I run a voiceover business from home. But I started at an RV dining table auditioning for gigs that I didn’t get paid for and had no idea I could make a living working in voiceover. 

The Hello VO Podcast is a resource for you. While I haven’t been working in this space for decades and don’t have any awards or anything, I have completed work for some of the worlds most well known brands like Google, Subaru, Hyatt, Delta, Ford, etc. 

I want to share my one voice and my experience with you in the hopes that you are motivated and excited to dive deeper into your voiceover business – the way you want to.


Time Stamp:

1:00 – The beginning of my podcasting journey.

1:30 – The last office job I ever had. 

2:00 – My introduction to voice acting. 

3:31 – The reality of what you actually need to get started in voiceover.

3:50 – Making your VO career your own.

4:44 – You are always going to be learning + growing.

5:01 – Breaking down all the barriers in your voiceover business + what I bring to the table. 

6:24 – The Hello VO Podcast is a resource for YOU.

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