Melanie Scroggins Voiceovers


About Melanie

Melanie Scroggins is a Podcast Producer turned Voice Actor whose voice has been featured in various projects including a TV documentary series, multiple national, regional, and local commercials, VR training simulations, corporate training videos, e-learning projects, explainer videos, a video game, a YouTube web series, and more. Her voice has been chosen to represent well-known brands like Google, Hyatt Hotels, NerdWallet, AT&T, Lancome, Duolingo, Oncor Energy, and many more. 

More About Melanie 

Melanie has always enjoyed theatre and now she loves to stretch her acting and creativity muscles in the voiceover industry. Along with her acting chops, Melanie is also a certified Audio Producer through Music Radio Creative.

Melanie Scroggins is one of three winners of the 2020 Focusrite Podcast Studio Makeover challenge in which her podcast, Creator Speak, was selected as a winner. 

She is also one of three co-creators of Podcast Production School, an online course designed to help individuals master the hard skills and strategies needed to launch, manage, and grow podcasts for small businesses. 

To learn more about how Melanie can help with your project or to request a sample of your script, email her here

Outside the Studio

When she’s not recording, Melanie is spending time with her wonderful husband, Jeremy, and their doubly awesome son, Theo, as well as their two fur babies who made them parents in the first place.