The Short Version

Hey! I’m Melanie Scroggins: voice actor and audio editing professional. My expertise lies in producing projects that amplify your voice and the message you want to share with your audience through voiceovers.

Life is busy – I know you’ve got other things to worry about. Work with me and my professional home studio and that’s one less item on your agenda.

I’ve been trusted with many projects for my wonderful clients and I want to come alongside you, too! As an added bonus, if you don’t find the voice you’re looking for, I also offer casting support as well. If you think we’d be a good fit, email me here

The Full Story

It All Started with Radio Dramas

While on road trips growing up, my mom would cue up a handful of cassette tapes – introducing me to the first, and to this day, best stories I have ever heard. I attribute those car rides with those stories to be the starting point of a lifelong career in the creative arts. 

Suspense, The Shadow, and all the other classic shows are what drove me to pursue theatre in middle school and high school and eventually audio production and voice acting after college. 

To this day, when I need inspiration, it’s not uncommon for me to look up my favorite radio dramas online and recite them – almost verbatim. 

The Podcasting Journey

I started producing podcasts in the summer of 2017. I began creating long, detailed episodes outlining the personal stories of those I knew and admired

After spending time creating a catalog of stories, I was asked to start producing shows for small businesses. 


About Melanie Scroggins
When we lived in an RV, I started writing and producing my own show.


About Melanie Scroggins
Then, companies started hiring me to launch & produce their podcasts! Little ole me.

Over the last three years, I have gained experience not only with audio software and sound engineering but working with clients from across the US. 

I just recently launched a course I co-created with Gina Horkey of Horkey Handbook and Hailey Thomas of Brainspace Optimized. Podcast Production School is an online course designed to help individuals master the hard skills + strategies needed to launch, manage and grow podcasts for small businesses.

I wish there had been a course like this when I was first learning about podcasts and podcasting, but that’s one reason it’s been so exciting to be a part of this project!

Becoming a Voice Actor

Around the same time I started podcasting, I fell in love with voice acting. My voice has been used for podcasts, corporate e-learning training, a YouTube web series, an RPG video game, a documentary series, and even a national TV commercial

I enjoy the opportunity to stretch my limits with voiceover work and I continue to seek out unique and challenging opportunities. While my voiceover career is just beginning, I am proud to say I’ve had great success and look forward to the projects ahead!

Home Grown Documentary Series - Narrated by Melanie Scroggins
1st Documentary: Home Grown is a 3-Part Documentary Series – Narrated by Melanie Scroggins
duchess martha grand guilds rpg
1st Video Game: Duchess Martha, voiced by Melanie Scroggins – Grand Guilds is a strategy RPG.


To learn more about how I can help with your awesome project, contact me here